1. What is your name? (Answer with only first name and last initial)
Jasmine W
2. Who is your English teacher?
Mrs. Heilman
3. What is your book title?
Along for the Ride
4. What is the AR point value of this book?
5. Who is the author of this book?
Sarah Dessen
6. Write a brief summary of what this book is about.
A girl named Auden is not a sociable person. So when she moves to the beach to spend the last summer with her Dad and his wife. She meets a boy named Eli that helps guide her to do things a normal teenage girl would do.
7. My opinion of this book is ...
This is a great book. Worth the points.
8. Rate this book:
9. Other comments (for example, for whom is this book suitable?):
Girls who want to read a little romance.