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A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
University of Indiana Rhetorical Device Dictionary
Rhetorical Device Flashcards
Online citation maker
The OWL at Purdue MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Information on and documents for the Cumulative Learning Activity (Senior Project)

Practice Essays with Answers
How Exams are Scored
Sample AP Responses
Cliff's Notes AP Exam Tips
AP Exam Vocabulary Flashcards

AP ELC Archive First Six Weeks, August 25-October 6, 2011
AP ELC Archive Second Six Weeks, October 7-November 22, 2011
AP ELC Archive Third Six Weeks, November 28, 2011-January 20, 2012
AP ELC Archive Fourth Six Weeks, January 25-March 7, 2012
AP ELC Archive Fifth Six Weeks, March 8-April 26, 2012
AP ELC Archive Sixth Six Weeks, April 27-June 8, 2012

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT AP EXAM REVIEW DURING SECOND SEMESTER EMPOWER HOUR for first semester AP ELC students! Students will be divided into two groups and will alternate attendance weekly during Empower Hour. You are required to sign yourself up and attend in preparation for the AP Exam in May.

There will also be MANDATORY AFTER SCHOOL STUDY SESSIONS FOR AP ELC FROM 3:15-4:30 PM on a few afternoons before the exam. These dates will be scheduled during the second semester.