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Graduation Project Resources

Third Six Weeks

Monday, May 2
-- Overview of Exam (Review) and Test Taking Strategies
-- Rhetorical Device Review
-- Practice Multiple Choice

Tuesday, May 3
Practice Multiple Choice

Wednesday, May 4
Overview of past essay questions
Forming solid thesis statements

Thursday, May 5
Accident Recreation Assembly

Friday, May 6
Practice 2 essays in one class

Monday, May 9
Exam Review

Tuesday, May 10
Exam Review

Wednesday, May 11 -- AP EXAM
"Waiting for Superman"
Watch documentary and answer following questions:
-- What information is presented?
-- How is the information presented?
-- What is NOT included?
-- What is the perspective?

Thursday, May 12
-- Finish documentary
-- Discussion
-- Read the following reviews:
Time Magazine: Waiting for Superman, Are Teachers the Problem?

Write a 500-word review of the film, highlighting what YOU think are the important
issues facing our schools today. Include answers to questions you answered on May 11 post, plus
summary of arguments from New Yorker and Time. Post to wikispace by beginning of class Monday.

Friday, May 13
Bear Blast

Monday, May 16
  • Overview of In Cold Blood
  • Read Part I, p. 3 - 30

Tuesday, May 17
  • Watch Capote; prepare for review
  • Finish Part I, p. 30 - 74

Wednesday, May 18
Finish Capote; begin review
Read Part II, p. 77 - 100

Thursday, May 19
Read Part II, p. 100 - 155

Friday, May 20
Awards Day
Read Part III, p. 159 - 198
Class Discussion: "The Rapture is Not Saturday, It's Tonight"
Read: Atlantic Monthly

Monday, May 23
Capote Review due
Read Part III, p. 199 - 226

Tuesday, May 24
Read Part III, p. 226 - 248

Wednesday, May 25
Read Part IV, p. 251 - 279

Thursday, May 26
Read Part IV, p. 279 - 302

Friday, May 27
Read Part IV, p. 303 - 343
Review for In Cold Blood Test

Monday, May 30
No School

Tuesday, May 31
In Cold Blood Test

Wednesday, June 1
Work on Major Paper III

Thursday, June 2
Major Paper III Due

Friday, June 3
Teacher Made Exams

Second Six Weeks

Monday, March 7
I. Finish reading "Walden" and discuss
II. Complete Transcendentalism Chart for homework

Tuesday, March 8
I. Discuss Transcendentalism Chart
II. Read/discuss "Civil Disobedience"

Wednesday, March 9

I. Walt Whitman/Emily Dickinson
II. Begin work on Transcendentalism Project -- DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY!

Thursday, March 10
Transcendentalism Project

Friday, March 11
Topic: Synthesis Essays
I. Overview of Synthesis, Bloom's Taxonomy
II. Read/discuss practice AP Synthesis Essay
Claim: "Under God" should be eliminated from Pledge of Allegiance. Write an essay
that challenges, supports or modifies this claim.
III. Brainstorm/start essay as class

Monday, March 14
Topic: Synthesis Essays
I. WorkKeys Demographics
II. Review sample AP Synthesis Essays/Rubrics/Responses
III. In groups, choose previous essay and answer it!

Tuesday, March 15
Topic: Introduction to Profiles in Courage
I. Overview of Context/Author
II. Read and discuss Introduction
HW: Read Introduction and Part I

Wednesday, March 16 -- Early Release
WorkKeys Assessment

Thursday, March 17
Overview of Part 1
HW: Read JQA

Friday, March 18
Practice Synthesis Essay -- QUIZ GRADE

Monday, March 21
I. Quiz on JQU
II. Begin Profiles Mini-project --- 2 quiz grades

HW: Part 2 Time and Place; Daniel Webster

Tuesday, March 22
Helpful Links for Profiles Project
Online Citation Maker
HW: Thomas Hart Benton

Wednesday, March 23
HW: Part 3 Time and Place; Ross

Thursday, March 24
HW: Lamar

Friday, March 25
HW: Part 4 Time and Place; Norris

Monday, March 28
Topic: JFK PowerPoint Presentations
HW: Taft

Tuesday, March 29
Topic: JFK PowerPoint Presentations

HW: Additional Men of Courage

Wednesday, March 30
Meaning of Courage

Thursday, March 31

Introduction to Major Paper #2
Profile in Courage

Friday, April 1
Profiles in Courage Test

Monday, April 4
Mr. Bravo's Presentation on Applying for College

Tuesday, April 5
CCCC Field Trip
Work on Major Paper #2

Wednesday, April 6
Work on Major Paper #2

Thursday, April 7
Guest Speaker: Mimi Herman

Friday, April 8
First draft due
Workshop Major Paper #2

Monday, April 11
Introduction to Third AP Essay
-- Identifying Claim
-- Taking a Position
-- Brainstorming Data
-- Forming an Outline

Tuesday, April 12
Logic in Argumentative Writing
Debate: Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
"The Case for Wal-Mart" vs. "Down and Out in Discount America"

Wednesday, April 13
Basics of Academic Debate
In-class debate

Thursday, April 14
Debate: Should the Draft be Reinstated in the United States?
Read both essays; answer assigned questions
Choose one Writing Workshop question to answer

Friday, April 15
Practice Analytical Essay Quiz
Browse through lists of controversial issues on these sites:
Santa Ana College
Choose three issues that you'd like to debate in class and post them to the discussion page. Explain
what makes these issues controversial and what, specifically, you would like to discuss.

First Six Weeks
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I. Introduction to Rhetoric/Rhetorical Triangle
II. Identify Rhetorical Strategies in

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Introduction to Rhetorical Devices
Homework: Read/Listen to Toni Morrison Lecture
Identify at least SIX rhetorical devices.

Thursday, January 27, 2011
Methods of Analysis

Friday, January 28, 2011
Practice AP Multiple Choice

Monday, January 31, 2011
Methods of Analysis -- Dialectical Journals
I. Toni Morrison Quiz
II. Rhetorical devices -- litotes, antithesis and hypophora
III. Art and Craft of Close Reading packet

Tuesday, Feb. 1
I. Intro to Time Period
II. Read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards, p. 102-106
Audio of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Annotated Text of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
III. Practice keeping dialectical journal with text.
Homework: Hawthorne reading,
The Minister's Black Veil

Wednesday, Feb. 2
Ms Young

Thursday, Feb. 3
Topic: Building Context for Scarlet Letter
I. Quiz on Minister's Black Veil
II. Building Context for Scarlet Letter Research

III. Rhetorical questions and procatalepsis

Friday, February 4
Topic: Building Context for the Scarlet Letter
I. Rhetorical Device Quiz #1
II. Scarlet Letter I-Search

Monday, February 7
I. Discuss Custom-House
II. Rhetorical devices for the week: DISTINCTO, SIMILE, METAPHOR, ANALOGY, ALLUSION,
III. Work on I-Search Paper
Homework: Read Ch 1, The Marketplace - Chapter III, The Recognition

Tuesday, February 8
I. Discuss Ch. 1-3
II. Rhetorical devices
Homework: Read Ch. 4-6

Wednesday, February 9 -- I-Search due at beginning of class
Topic: The AP Analysis Essay
I. Overview
II. Rubric for grading
III. Practice
Homework: Read Ch. 7-9

Thursday, February 10
Homework: Read Ch. 10-12

Friday, February 11
Rhetorical Device Quiz #2
Bear Blast
Homework: Read Ch. 13-15

Monday, February 14
Chapter 13-15 Quiz
Write Dialectical Journal for Chapter 16 (five quotes/five analyses) -- due Tuesday
Read Chapter 16-18

Tuesday, February 15
Read Chapter 19-21

Wednesday, February 16
Finish book

Thursday, February 17

Friday, February 18
Scarlet Letter Test

Monday, February 21
Topic: Analysis Essays
I. Discuss this week's rhetorical devices
II. Review marking/analyzing AP prompts
III. Intro of Scarlet Letter Project

Tuesday, February 22
Topic: Letters of Intent

Wednesday, February 23
Topic: Analyzing AP Passages
I. Read prompt silently; annotate
II. In assigned groups, describe the content and form of each
III. Discuss/review Level 8 response

Thursday, February 24
Writing Workshop

Friday, February 25
Topic: Writer's Workshop
I. Rhetorical Device Quiz
II. In assigned groups, read each others' rough drafts and
discuss according to rubric
III. Revise

Monday, February 28
Topic: Analysis Essays
I. Take practice Analysis Essay -- QUIZ GRADE
II. Study Rhetorical Devices 24-33

Tuesday, March 1
Topic: Intro to Transcendentalism
I. Complete Transcendentalism Internet Hunt

II. Read Emerson, p. 390-398/Discuss
III. Study Rhetorical Devices

Wednesday, March 2
Letter writing activity

Thursday, March 3
Topic: Thoreau
I. Discuss Analysis Essays
II. Read from "Walden" and "Civil Disobedience"

Friday, March 4
Rhetorical Device Test

AP Exam Resources
Practice Essays with Answers
Cliff's Notes Tips
How Exams are Scored
AP Rhetorical Devices List
Sample AP Responses

Other Resources

Sample Analytical Essay - Fair and Happy Milkmaid