AP ELC Second Six Weeks Archive, October 7-November 22, 2011

SECOND SIX WEEKS: October 7-November 22, 2011

Friday, Oct. 7
Continue diagnostic test:
Essay question #2 -- 40 minutes (pp. 57-58)
Library -- work on research papers
Works Cited page in MLA format due by the end of the period (list of sources for paper)
Rhetorical devices HW due

Monday, Oct. 10
Essay question #3 -- 40 minutes (pp. 58-59)
Review and score AP Exam self-assessment
HW due Friday, October 14: In the Rhetorical Devices Handbook, read pp. 155-182. In the vocabulary section of your notebook, create one page of notes for each of the last five (#29-33) rhetorical devices in the handbook (aporia, anaphora/epistrophe/symploce, amplication, personification, parataxis). Each page should have your name, class, date, and a title. Notes for each device should include the following:
  • Define the device.
  • Provide one example from the handbook.
  • Provide two examples that you create yourself (these examples may come from the exercises in the handbook)

Tuesday, Oct.11
Finish review/scoring of AP Exam self-assessment
Readings from Unit One: Literature of Early America/group project

Wednesday,Oct. 12
Work on projects
(I will be administering the PSAT. Students will report to Mr. Burke)

Thursday, Oct.13
Project presentations

Friday, Oct.14
Library -- work on research papers
Outline due today!

Monday, Oct. 17
Finish group work on Early American Literature projects (submit to drop box)

Tuesday, Oct. 18
Project presentations

Wednesday, Oct. 19 -- Early Release
Identify difficult vocabulary from AP Exam practices and create list of 20 words
HW -- enter words, definitions, and an image into Quizlet.com due Friday (Name your quizlet set "Your first name's AP ELC Exam vocabulary #1" -- for example, Monique's AP ELC Exam vocabulary #1)
Work on rough drafts
ASVAB test given today (optional)

Thursday, Oct. 20
Rough drafts of research essay due at the end of the period.

Friday, Oct. 21
Peer Editing of rough drafts/reflection
Final draft due next Friday. This is homework. There will no class time devoted to preparing final drafts.

Monday, Oct. 24
Rhetorical Devices handbook, Cumulative Exercises I, pp. 201-207.
Read/literary analysis: Background, p. 168; The Declaration of Independence, pp. 170-173

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Read/literary analysis: from The Crisis, Number 1, pp. 174-176.

Wednesday, Oct. 26
Rhetorical Devices handbook, Cumulative Exercises II, pp. 209-215.

Thursday, Oct. 27
Barron's book, Chapter 3, Mastering Multiple-Choice questions, pp. 73-88.

Friday, Oct. 28
Submit Profile in Courage essay to drop box and upload to contest website: Profile in Courage registration and submission
Return Profiles in Courage novels to library
Barron's book, Techniques for Tackling Reading Passages, p. 88-104
HW -- due Wednesday, Nov. 2. Complete for Profile in Courage research essay assignment.

Monday, Oct. 31
No School -- Teacher Workday

Tuesday, Nov. 1
Submit project reflections either by email, in drop box, or printed.

Project due on Wednesday, Nov. 16.
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Chapter 8
Aphorisms from Poor Richard's Almanack

Wednesday, Nov. 2
Continue work on Benjamin Franklin critical reading project
Distribute progress reports. Return signed progress report for a HW grade by Friday, Nov. 4.

Thursday, Nov. 3
Barron's book, Chapter 4: Mastering the Essay Questions, pp. 105-123.

Friday, Nov. 4
Timed practice: Synthesis Essay (55 minutes)
Look at sample essay responses

Monday, Nov. 7
Examine sample responses to synthesis essay.
Complete requirements for CLA (senior project) in Futures for Kids
Download and read through the following CLA documents:

Study Barron's AP ELC vocabulary words: AP ELC vocabulary list on Quizlet
Quiz on AP ELC vocabulary on Thursday, Nov. 10

Tuesday, Nov. 8 -- Early Release
Rhetorical Devices Handbook, Cumulative Exercises II, pp. 209-215

Wednesday, Nov. 9
Introduce The Scarlet Letter study guide and assignments

HW -- Read Chapters 1-8 in The Scarlet Letter by Tuesday, Nov. 22

Thursday, Nov. 10
Submit Letters of Intent for CLA
Vocabulary Quiz -- 25 words
Chatham County Schools vision survey: CCS Survey
Pre-reading for Scarlet Letter
Pointers for writing analytical essays, Barron's book, pp. 135-

Monday, Nov. 14
Continue work on writing analytical essays in Barron's book

Tuesday, Nov. 15
Continue work on writing analytical essays

Wednesday, Nov. 16
Ben Franklin project due
Continue work on writing essays/standard usage and mechanics

Thursday, Nov. 17
Notebooks due
Continue work on writing essays/standard usage and mechanics

Friday, Nov. 18
Pre-reading for The Scarlet Letter due
Vocabulary Quiz -- 25 words (Barron's AP ELC Quizlet word bank)
Continue work on writing essays/standard usage and mechanics, p. 169-

Monday, Nov. 21
Continue work on writing essays/standard usage and mechanics, p. 176-
Complete group study guide activities for Chapters 1-8

Tuesday, Nov. 22 -- End 2nd six weeks
Study guide activities for Chapters 1-8 due
Complete pre-reading for Chapters 9-15
Finish work in Chapter 4 Barron's book, Mastering Essay Questions (through p. 196)

HW -- Read Chapters 9-15 by Friday, December 2
We will write a practice analytical essay for a classwork grade upon return from Thanksgiving break!