The Generall Historie of Virginia

By:John Smith!!


John Smith; writer of The General History
of Virginia

Fun Facts:
John Smith of Jamestown,
  • lived between years of 1580-1631
  • was from England
  • was educated at the King Edward VI Grammar School
  • was a soldier & mercenary
  • was a sailor
  • was an author
  • leader of a Virginia colony
  • knighted by a Transylvanian Prince
  • pocahontas saved him from being killed by her father pohawtan
  • was never said to have any children

The General History of Virginia was really The Generall Historie of Virgina! Spelled funny I know!!
John Smith (1580-1631) was president of Jamestown Colony from September 1608-September 1609. He is credited with providing the leadership that helped the colony survive the difficult year between 1608-1609. John Smith returned to the New World in 1614 and explored and named the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts, New England. Smith was not able to return to the Jamestown Colony but he remained an advocate of Jamestown’s success and wrote about the territory until his death in 1631.
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Pocahontas. Much more
than just a Disney character!

The REAL Pocahontas(:

Many people have seen the popular Disney movie, Pocahontas. But, here is the true story of an Indian princess and the English settlers at Jamestown:
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